A.O.C., Inc.
Alonzo Ours Construction, Inc.
Project Name:   VDOT  Rest Station I-95
Architect:          Rawlings Wilson & Associates
GC:                   John L Mattingly
  • 15,000 sq.ft. of Eco Star shingles
  • 7,000  sq.ft. of Firestone EPDM
  • Aluminum Gutters
Project Name:  902 Operations Center
Architects:  D/B Coakley Williams
GC:  Coakley Willams
  • 18000 sq.ft. standing seam metal
         roof system By Englert
  • 50000sq.ft. Built Up Roofing System

Project Name: King Green Leaf Community Center
Architect: Devrouax & Purnell
GC: Forrester Construction
  • 15000 sq.ft. John Mansville TPO
  • Built-in-Gutters 24 guage steel gutters
Project Name : UOSA Building 72
GC :                 M Rania and associates
Attributes :
  • 15000 Sq.ft.Removal and restoration of a GAF Built Roof
  • W.P.Hickman 050 coping
  • Atas soffit and wall panels