Metal Roofing:
Whether It is standing seam, batten seam, flat seam or flush Seam. A.O.C, Inc. Mechanics can handle any size project. Our experienced mechanics and state of the art shop equipment allow superb installation every time.

Asphalt Systems:
Built-up roofs (BUR) are one of the most proven roofing systems in the industry. This asphalt system is used for many institutional, commercial, and industrial buildings. The basic built up roof is applied in a several layers of hot asphalt or cold process adhesives. The superior adhesion that the hot asphalt offers, makes this system a high quality roof of choice.

Single Ply Systems:
TPO, PVC, and EPDM are some of the most economical roofing decisions in the industry today.Whether a re-roof, retrofit, or new construction roofing system, single ply roofs are a great choice. With the experience of our installation crews at A.O.C Inc. These systems can be mechanically attached, fully adhered or ballasted.

Slate is the oldest and most delicate roofing systems to date. It takes a highly skilled installer to produce the quality and beauty of the labor-intensive slate shingles. A.O.C, Inc's qualified roofers are also able to install concrete, Spanish, and mission tiles. These systems are costly but will last a lifetime.

Green Roofs:
Green roofs are tools for dealing with storm water runoff and reducing urban heat islands. Other industrial claims focus on their ability to reduce energy use by insulating buildings from extreme temperatures. The scientific data to support this thesis is still being collected, but they do perform. A.O.C, Inc. is so versatile, we are able to provide the waterproofing and the vegetation as a package. A.O.C, Inc. crews have the expertise to layout and design your dream roof.
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