L'Enfant Plaza Hotel

Project Details

Located at 480 L’Enfant Plaza SW, DC, the property has undergone a major renovation, including a revamp of its 367 hotel rooms and roof top pool area. A ballasted TPO Roofing system was used on the outer 11th floor band. On the 12th floor, the pool and pool deck received a full renovation with demolition of the concrete deck and existing water proofing. Existing structural concrete decking was repaired and waterproofed with CCW 500R. The Hot Fluid Applied System is covered with Hanover Porcelain Pavers which has a Stone Natural perimeter band. The Pool Sheds received new 1 ¾ Standing Seam metal roof panels.

Project Gallery
9,000 SqFt of Concrete Natural Stone Paver
9,000 SqFt of Barnwood Grey Hanover Porcelain Paver

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