Architectural Wall Systems

Our professional experience and certification has allowed us to provide our clients with unique architectural wall systems that are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and efficient. We can create lasting architectural wall systems made of the following materials: aluminum composite, fiber cement, mechanical screen, or phenolic panels. As we offer the maximum warranty on our products, you can have peace of mind knowing your building is structurally sound.

Aluminum Composite

Aluminum composite materials, also known as ACM, is an industry-leading exterior wall system. It offers a modern aesthetic that enhances the wall design of any building. It’s also lightweight, has a variety of color options, and is incredibly durable. As it may be fabricated in all types of unique shapes and sizes, your design can be customized to suit your exact needs.
Aluminum Composite

Fiber Cement

This material is high quality, durable, and a low-cost alternative to wood and stone architectural wall systems. It doesn’t sacrifice appearance or strength for being a more inexpensive material either. It’s also lightly-textured and often utilized in the background, as it can easily mimic the aesthetic of wood, stone, and concrete.

Mechanical Screen

These screens are also recognized as “equipment screens” that hide mechanical systems, such as HVAC units, garbage enclosures, parking lots, and more. It also serves to increase its security of these types of equipment and locations, while allowing free airflow and protection against unwanted views.

Mechanical Screen
Phenolic panels

Phenolic Panels

Phenolic panels are versatile wall system materials, as they can be used for both interior and exterior wall panels. These panels offer a number of benefits including that it offers more fire protection than wood, drywall, and vinyl. It may also be customized to fit any building shape and is more environmentally-friendly due to its reduced waste production process.

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